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Kunes Car Convos Eryca Card talking about the Maker Faire

Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire

Published on Apr 2, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

Kunes Car Convos: The Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire

In this episode of Kunes Car Convos...


(1:25) - How Project Lead the Way inspired the Maker Faire

(3:22) - Who all participates in the Maker Faire?

(12:30) - How much time does it take to put an event like this together?

(17:42) - One raffle with a bunch of prizes!

A Journey of Innovation

Hey there, curious minds and creative spirits! Ever ponder where creativity comes to life and how it flourishes in our neighborhood? My latest adventure on Kunes Car Convos gave me some enlightening answers. While cruising in a 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, I had a riveting chat with Eryca Card, one of the organizers behind the Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire.

The Heart of the Maker Faire

Eryca, with over two decades of experience in the Elkhorn Area School District, shared her inspiring journey from initiating Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to creating the Maker Faire. 


Imagine a fair where cookies are not just for eating but also for decorating, and where robots come to life, crafted by talented fifth graders. This is what the Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire is all about.

man dressed as a knight drawing his sword as an electric bolt comes out of a tesla coil

More Than Just a Fair

It's not your average show and tell. 


This fair is a vibrant celebration of innovation and invention. Picture students parading their PLTW robots, or a young innovator who spent his summer at NASA, all in one dynamic space where art, science, and engineering converge.

A Community of Creators

Running for five years, with a brief pause due to COVID, the fair has featured everything from cardboard boat races to homemade, realistic, Star Wars costumes. What truly stands out is the community it fosters. 


These stories highlight the journey of growth through creativity.

a blacksmith teaching kids how to forge medal

Sponsored by Kunes Auto Group: A Free Event for All

Thanks to sponsors like Kunes, the Maker Faire is a free event that serves as a platform for inspiration and education. Ranging from beekeeping lessons to crocheting workshops, the event epitomizes the essence of disseminating knowledge and experiences.

A Gathering of Talents

The fair is not just a local event; it attracts individuals from all over, showcasing the vast talents of our surrounding communities. Each year, Eryca aims to expand, reaching more curious minds and nurturing more creators.

The Epicenter of Creativity

During the fair, the Elkhorn Area High School transforms into a hub of creativity and innovation. With the support of the community and sponsors like Kunes Auto Group, the Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire continues to inspire and prove that creativity has endless possibilities.

portrait of Green Bay Packer, Jordan Love, made of Lego pieces

Your Invitation to Create

Whether you're an experienced maker, a curious observer, or new to the world of creation, the Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire is the place to be. Perhaps next year, you'll be the one inspiring the next generation of makers.

Join Us and Keep Creating

Keep creating, keep exploring, and I look forward to seeing you at the next Maker Faire!

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